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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Official Use of SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Web-base Version (SMS)

Dear Parents,

Re: Official Use of SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Web-base Version (SMS)

            Commencing of year 2013, PIBG and school are working together in implementing Digital School (DS) concept, a trailblazing initiative that will enable our students to benefit from advance computer and communication technologies. As part of the effort, we have upgraded the School Management System (SMS) to a web-based community network. Parents will be able to log on the web-based SMS to check your child’s information and progress in school.

            Implementation of the web-based SMS leads us stepping into 3rd phase of our Digital School Project. The 1st phase of computer in education and the 2nd phase of the computerized school administration were successfully initiated. The main objective of the 3rd phase is to promote interactive e-learning and integrating school syllabus with school administration via our school’s website in the near future. The successful deployment of Digital School Project remarkably performing the IT communication in between school and parents has been upgraded to the phase where you can monitor the progress of your child in school, even without stepping into school compound! Through the school web portal, our education system will become more accessible and interactive between parents and school which enhances the effectiveness of our children’s education.

Kindly browse  www.shihchungcaw.edu.my and key in :
Login username         :           xxx (Student No.)
Password                    :           xxx (Birth Certificate-Capital Letter) ~ case sensitive
Student’s name            :           xxx
Class                            :           xxx

            You are welcomed to log on to the web-based SMS system by using the student ID  provided. Through the SMS system, you are able to check your child’s homework, school announcements, and teachers comment. Beside that’s,  you may also use the function bar to check  child’s attendance, and exam result after the exam result announce date given.

            As school web-based SMS is now at the initial stage of implementing, some functions haven’t completely in use. Your constructive feedback is very much appreciated. We will collect all your suggestions for a better improvement. We thank you in advance and look forward to your active participation.    

 Thank you.

Headmistress of SJK (C) Shih Chung Caw.
Mdm. Chew Guat Bee